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Build own module load

This page describes how you can build own module load.
Authors S├ębastien RAVEL
Research Unit
Creation Date 30/03/2018
Last Modified Date 30/03/2018

Keywords : module load, private, own, cc2-login

Date : 12/06/2017

Create and use the personal module directory

mkdir $HOME/privatemodules

add permanently into the .bashrc

#use own module
module use --append $HOME/privatemodules

Module command

Example of file module load (name toggleDev)

Into $HOME/privatemodules add new file toggleDev

vim $HOME/privatemodules/toggleDev

## Required internal variables
set     prefix       $env(HOME)/TOGGLE-DEV/
set     version      "TOGGLE-DEV"

if {![file exists $prefix]} {
	puts stderr "\t[module-info name] Load Error: $prefix does not exist"
	exit 1

## List conflicting modules here
conflict toggleMerge

## List prerequisite modules here
set		fullname	TOGGLE-DEV
set		externalurl	"\n"
set		description	"A framework to quickly build pipelines and to perform large-scale NGS analysis"

## Required for "module help ..."

proc ModulesHelp { } {
  global description externalurl
  puts stderr "Description - $description"
  puts stderr "More Docs   - $externalurl"

## Required for "module display ..." and SWDB
module-whatis   "loads the [module-info name] environment"

## Software-specific settings exported to user environment
module load system/java/jre-1.8.111
module load system/perl/5.24.0
module load bioinfo/FastQC/0.11.5
module load bioinfo/bwa/0.7.12
module load bioinfo/picard-tools/2.5.0
module load bioinfo/samtools/1.3.1
module load bioinfo/gatk/3.6
module load bioinfo/cutadapt/1.10
module load system/libgtextutils/0.7
module load bioinfo/fastx_toolkit/0.0.14
module load bioinfo/tophat/2.1.1
module load bioinfo/bowtie/1.1.2
module load bioinfo/bowtie2/2.2.9
module load bioinfo/cufflinks/2.2.1
module load bioinfo/tgicl_linux/1.0
module load bioinfo/trinityrnaseq/2.2.0
module load bioinfo/stacks/1.43
module load bioinfo/snpEff/4.3
module load bioinfo/ngsutils/0.5.9

# Path
prepend-path PATH $prefix
prepend-path PERL5LIB $prefix/modules:$prefix/test/pipelines
prepend-path TOGGLE_PATH $prefix