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This course introduces TOGGLe (Toolbox for Generic NGS Analyses), a framework to quickly build pipelines and to perform large-scale NGS analysis through an easy and user-friendly approach. This tools is developed by the Sout Green platform.

TOGGLe, a flexible framework for easily building complex workflows and performing robust large-scale NGS analyses Christine Tranchant-Dubreuil, Sebastien Ravel, Cecile Monat, Gautier Sarah, Abdoulaye Di- allo, Laura Helou, Alexis Dereeper, Ndomassi Tando, Julie Orjuela-Bouniol, Francois Sabot. bioRxiv https: //

TOGGle website


Basic knowledge of Linux (Linux for dummies required)


  • Why using TOGGLe to analyse NGS data?
  • How to perform an analysis with TOGGLe?
  • Creating your own workflow with a simple configuration file
  • How to execute your own workflow using the command line interface?
  • Use case

Learning objectives

  • Creating your own workflow
  • Analysing your NGS data with TOGGLe

Training material

  • Slides : see
  • Exercises : see


  • Christine Tranchant (CT) -
  • Sebastien Ravel (SR) -


Date Location Topics Parrticipants Instructors Links Units
2017 Montpellier, France TOGGLe 20 CT, SR   UMR DIADE, IMPE, MIVEGEC, INTERTRYP