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South Green Trainings in 2019

The South Green Platform with their partners organizes a new series of practical courses in bioinformatics-related topics ranging from basic skills such as introduction to Linux or HPC usage to advanced data analysis such as Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis or python programming
These training courses aim at enabling life scientists to effectively handle and analyze biological data on our two HPC clusters.
They are opened to the scientists from South Green units and our partners.

Every training session will be opened only to 20 trainees.

Complete program (in french)



i-Trop (IRD)

  • Aurore Comte - UMR IPME, i-Trop
  • Sébastien Cunnac - UMR IPME
  • Valentin Klein - UMR DIADE, i-Trop
  • Valérie Noël - UMR MIVEGEC, i-Trop
  • Julie Orjuela-Bouniol - UMR BOREA, i-Trop
  • François Sabot - UMR DIADE
  • Marie Simonin - UMR IPME
  • Ndomassi Tando - UMR DIADE, i-Trop
  • Christine Tranchant-Dubreuil - UMR DIADE, i-Trop


  • Bertrand Pitollat
  • Gaëtan Droc
  • Gautier Sarah
  • Stephanie Sidibe-Bocs
  • Marilyne Summo


  • Sébastien Ravel Frédéric Mahé

UMR Intertryp

  • Guilhem Sempere

UMR QualiSud

  • Florentin Constancias


  • Etienne Loire
  • Julie Reveillaud


  • Erwan Core


  • Catherine Breton
  • Alberto Cenci