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Advanced HPC Trainings

This course continues the explanation on how to work on HPC Southgreen clusters. It is intended for experienced users, with the goals of improving LC user productivity and minimizing the obstacles. New notions and tools are presented such as job arrays, basic softwares installation,module environment and singularity. All these notions will be developped.


Linux Basics

HPC Trainings


  • Install your own softwares
  • Launch job arrays with SLURM
  • Create your own module environments
  • Use a Singularity container
  • Install Singularity on your computer
  • Create your own Singularity container and use it on the cluster

Learning objectives

After this course, participants should be able to:
  • Install basic software
  • Launch job arrays
  • Create module environments
  • Create Singularity containers

Training material

  • Slides : see
  • Practice : see
  • Tutorials : see


  • Ndomassi Tando (NT) -
  • Bertrand Pitollat (BP) -
  • Francois Sabot (FS) -
  • Valérie Noel (VN) -
  • Sebastien Ravel (SR) -
  • Guilhem Sempere (GS) -
  • Gaetan Droc (GD) -


Date Location Topics Participants Instructors Links Units
2022 IRD Montpellier, France Advanced HPC   Ndomassi Tando, Bertrand Pitollat, Guilhem Sempere, Gaetan Droc   UMR DIADE,INTERTRYP,AGAP
2019 IRD Montpellier, France Advanced HPC   Ndomassi Tando, Bertrand Pitollat, Francois Sabot, Valérie Noel, Sebastien Ravel   UMR DIADE,MIVEGEC,AGAP,BGPI