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This course introduces version 2 of Gigwa (Genotype Investigator for Genome-Wide Analyses)
Gigwa - Genotype investigator for genome-wide analyses
Guilhem Sempéré, Florian Philippe, Alexis Dereeper, Manuel Ruiz, Gautier Sarah and Pierre Larmande
GigaScience 2016 5:25

Gigwa v2 - Extended and improved genotype investigator
Guilhem Sempéré; Adrien Pétel; Mathieu Rouard; Julien Frouin; Yann Hueber; F De Bellis; Pierre Larmande
GigaScience, Volume 8, Issue 5, May 2019, giz051

Gigwa website


Understanding genomic variations


  • Brief presentation of the application's aim and features
  • In-depth look into filtering possibilities
  • Commented tutorial videos
  • Exercises

Training objectives

  • Showing the benefits of using Gigwa
  • Explaining how to use it

Training material

  • Gigwa training slides : see
  • Gigwa exercice : see
  • Instructors

    • Guilhem Sempéré (GS) -
    • Julie Orjuela (JO) -
    • Sébastien Ravel (SR) -
    • Aurore Comte (AC) -